Alive, but asleep, always asleep. It's in a forever state of dreaming. Does it dream? Can a creature so simple dream?

World of Darkness
by Leto

I can feel it all around me. I'm not asleep, but I can't move. At the mercy of anyone who comes by, but the Beedrill will protect me.

Can you know what it feels like to be absolutely helpless? I can toughen my skin, but that's the extent of it. A strong enemy can break through that. All I can do is sit here, forever sit here and hope that nobody will see me, because if they do, I am theirs.

A cocoon is a prison. All I am is going from one stage to another. I'll be able to fly soon... to fly, and fight, and be free. But until then, I'm in a forever state of waiting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

There is nothing else. What if I never evolve? I am scared. All of me is. Because if I don't evolve, I'm always trapped. Thinking, feeling, but not able to move.

Can't do anything... I have to evolve soon. As I am, nobody wants me, not even me. Am I anything? I know I am, but nobody cares for it. I'm just in between what everyone wants.

Should I have evolved? When I was a Weedle, I dreamed of flying. Is reaching that worth being frozen in place forever? I'm going mad.

But all Weedle will go through this. All Beedrill have. It must make me stronger. So I can wait a little more.



There is still nothing.



No, no I can't. Can't wait longer. This black world is all I've known for such a long time. I don't know how long Pokemon like me live. So I am going to go now.


A yellow shell splits open, and a small head pokes out, blinking in the brilliant sunlight. A pair of long, thin legs slash through the rest of the shell with fine needles.

The new Pokemon flaps its wings uncertainly. Its dull red eyes gradually brighten as it becomes accustommed to its new world, of everything.


Beedrill turns its head to see a strange round object coming towards it. In its new form, it is not yet strong.

Without a struggle, the new Pokemon is drawn inside a Pokeball.

It meets, once more, a world of darkness...

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